Empower Your People To Act Now

Calling all Climate Change Action Heroes

Reaching net zero cannot be accomplished by leadership alone: it’s a team effort. Greenaider helps individuals and organizations learn and seamlessly adopt sustainable lifestyle choices aligned with your climate ambitions. Read on to learn more about how we do this.

We are your people partner on your journey to net zero

We are much more than a carbon footprint platform – we partner with your organization to involve all areas of your business in your climate strategy and to ensure that your people have the competencies required to successfully execute your climate goals.

Smarter Access to Better Environmental Management

It's a lot to ask your employees to download yet another app when you're trying to keep them focused on the task at hand. That's why Greenaider is available via web app and can be integrated in Microsoft Teams so users can access it in the tools they use already—no additional downloads required.

Protecting Your Data, Protecting Your Business

Keeping your company and employees’ data safe is particularly important to us and we take your trust in us very seriously. Greenaider supports International Data Security and Privacy Standards, and we take unlimited precautions to ensure all information shared on our platform is as safe and secure as possible.

US-Based Research and Methodologies

Greenaider understands the importance of accurate information and relatable climate actions to engaging your people and the success of your climate strategy. Our data and insights are optimized for the United States and aligned with United States measures. We're committed to using our deep knowledge and expertise in the sustainability space to help your organization succeed in its net-zero goals.

Intuitive Accessible Design for a Greener World

User-centered design is at the heart of our approach to building our immersive interfaces. We strive to make sure that our designs are easy for users to navigate and understand, so that they can get what they want quickly and efficiently.

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