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    Frequently asked questions

    Signing up

    How do I sign up for Greenaider?

    You can sign up as an individual or as part of an organization to the web app at Enter your email address and create a password. If you have an organization code, enter it, then hit ‘Sign up’. Simples. You can also integrate the web app to your Microsoft Teams for a seamless experience. If your organization has sent you a link, then please follow the link to create your password, then join your organization’s instance.

    Will I be charged for using Greenaider?

    The Greenaider individual version is free of charge. We charge teams and organizations to use Greenaider’s platform which entitles them to additional premium features, reporting and support. If you would like your organization to sign up then please let them and us know.

    Your Carbon Footprint

    What is my carbon footprint?

    Your carbon footprint is an estimate of the CO2e you are generating annually, based on your tracker selections. As you complete goals and challenges, and create new habits, you can update your input and track the reduction in your carbon footprint.

    How is my carbon footprint calculated?

    Everyone starts with an average carbon footprint of 16 tons CO2e (provided by our sustainability advisor). As you answer the tracker questions, your footprint is calculated across each category (energy, food, travel, spending and public) and your annual carbon footprint is modified.

    How can I update or change my tracker answers?

    Navigate to the Footprint Tracker page in the application, and scroll down to the section “Update My Impact” and in each category click the pencil icon to enable editing. Then select each question’s answer box to see the options and input your response.

    Why should I be aware of my carbon footprint?

    We should all be aware of our carbon footprint as it indicates our personal contribution to climate change and gives us a reference point from which we can work to lower our impact

    Can one person really make a difference to climate change?

    By yourself? Not significantly. But as part of a movement? Definitely! If we all make small changes the collective impact will be immense.

    What is the ideal carbon footprint? (What should I be aiming for?)

    Your carbon footprint depends on a number of factors - where you live, where your friends and family are, the type of home you live in, your job, and much more. Some things are completely within your power to change, others require commitment from more than just you. An ideal carbon footprint combines the small changes you are able to make yourself, with time and energy spent on advocating for change beyond your control.

    Does my carbon footprint show only my own impact, or the impact of my whole household?

    It is designed to show only your impact. When you answer questions for your whole household, we divide it by the number of people in your household to give us your personal score.

    Why is my carbon footprint split into categories? What does each category cover?

    Each category— energy, food, travel, spending and public—help you understand how different areas of your life impact your carbon footprint and where to place your focus. Energy covers energy and water use, travel covers how you get around, food covers your eating habits, spending covers your expenditure choices and public estimates your proportion of the footprint of public services like transportation.

    Using Greenaider

    How do I reduce my carbon footprint?

    The choice is yours to make! Browse through Greenaider’s eco-goals to find activities that work for you. You can start small and then develop these actions into bigger, carbon reducing habits.

    When I carry out an activity or challenge, is my carbon footprint reduced automatically?

    No. To reduce your carbon footprint, you will need to update your tracker selections once the action becomes a recurring activity or lifestyle choice. A one-off action will reduce your annual carbon footprint by a marginal amount, but every little counts! The impact on your carbon footprint trend comes when you turn those actions into longer-term habits.

    Why can’t I record actions as habits straight away?

    Creating habits doesn’t happen overnight. We ask you to complete one- off actions a number of times to build up to your new eco-habit. Only then should you update your footprint tracker to reflect the change. Behavioral science tells us this is the most effective approach - start small and build from there.

    Does reducing my carbon footprint really make a difference?

    Yes absolutely! Greenaider is here to encourage you to make small changes daily and each of these changes will add up to have a big impact on your carbon footprint. Imagine if you, all of your family and your teammates made these changes every day - that’s one big snowball effect right there!

    What is an Eco-Challenge?

    It is a collection of our eco-activities which we pull together for everyone to focus on for a short period of time (typically 2-6 weeks). Within the Challenge leaderboard you can see the CO2e saving you have achieved from doing these actions as well as the total CO2e saved by everyone in your organization or team doing the Challenge.

    How are the Eco-Challenges selected?

    We’ll suggest a set of Challenge actions to your organization based on the time of year and/or topical events. We also work with your organization to plan tailored activities to progress your team’s sustainability goals. If you have ideas or suggestions for actions you would like to see included, please tell your Greenaider admin.

    Greenaider’s CO2e data

    What is CO2e?

    Carbon dioxide equivalent, or CO2e, is the measure of all greenhouse gas emissions rolled into one. Carbon dioxide is the most common greenhouse gas emitted by human activities in terms of the quantity released and the total impact on global warming.

    Where does Greenaider get its data? Is the data reliable?

    We have partnered with carbon footprint scientists to estimate impact of daily activities. We also use a number of other reputable sources e.g. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

    Can I use Greenaider outside the United States?

    Greenaider’s data is optimized for the United States but the app can still be used elsewhere, albeit with less accuracy in some areas. The main difference is the energy calculations in the Home components as the carbon factor of grids in different countries can vary quite markedly.

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