Who We Are

Building a movement for a sustainable future

We believe that technology and behavioral science are key to solving our biggest challenges, from climate change to food waste and biodiversity loss. We also know that people need a fun and engaging way to learn about these issues and make sustainable habits part of their daily lives—and that's where Greenaider comes in:

Greenaider brings together science and technology in a fun environment, empowering individuals and organizations to learn and seamlessly adopt habit changes that are necessary to achieve global sustainability goals. Our platform is designed to give you the best activity-based immersive experience, helping you and your community easily learn and make sustainable lifestyle choices, while seamlessly tracking your contribution to sustainability goals.

Simplifying sustainability

Our mission is to empower organizations of all sizes and their people to achieve net zero emissions faster.

What we do

We are doing this by creating the world's most comprehensive and accessible eco impact platform to simplify and improve people engagement, and access to the tools, knowledge and resources necessary to take action.

What we value

We believe that the only way to truly address climate change is by working together and organizations can contribute to this effort by making it easier for their people to take climate action. That is why we're here: to make it as easy as possible for everyone in your organization to identify and act on ways they can reduce their carbon footprint.


Striving toward a net zero-carbon society, our world has an enormous challenge to solve – we believe in the power of people and technology coming together as a force for good to create and progress meaningful solutions that effectively address climate change. Together we innovate to create a greener future built on lifelong sustainable habits.


Through inclusivity, empowerment, understanding and agility we can thrive in achieving our shared and individual sustainability goals. We integrate diverse voices, experiences, strengths, and different points of view to inform, challenge, and stretch our thinking. This is how we evolve.

Equality & Inclusion & Success

When it comes to saving the planet, winning is everything. With climate change, increasingly frequent and intense natural disasters are becoming the norm, putting more pressure on us to think about our responsibilities and act. This is why we are obsessed with enabling organizations and people to succeed in building a sustainable future. There is no other option.

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